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Weatherbeeta Rugs – What Rug Type is Your Horse?

rugDoes your horse always manage to get their rug off, despite all your best efforts? Or does their rug get rips and tears, where other horse’s rugs last years? Weatherbeeta have put together a tool to help you choose the best rug for your horse.


Weatherbeeta are one of the main players in horse rug retailers. They have a strong progressive focus, always looking to use new technology to develop their rugs to ensure quality, comfort and safety. Extensive research has been undertaken to make sure your horse is protected in all weathers with breathable fabrics and moisture repellent outer layers. So in October 2013 Weatherbeeta took a new step forward and developed an innovative tool to help horse owners select the ideal rug from their range, based on the personality of their horse.

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What Kind of Horse Rug Do I Need?

Working out which rugs your horse needs and when is essential to making them comfortable and offering them the right protection. Here’s a quick guide to help you work out what you need.

Types of horse rug:

Stable Rug: A stable rug is used unsurprisingly in the stable to keep your horse warm and dry. They are available in different weights for use throughout the year as the seasons change. It’s really important to use a proper stable rug as opposed to a thin turnout rug for indoor use as stable rugs are significantly thinner, allowing more movement than turnout rugs, especially important as horses often sleep in their stable rugs.

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