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Horse Rugs for Winter

28371099_sWhich rugs your horse needs for winter will depend on whether they are stabled or out, what kind of horse they are (for example a thoroughbred will need more than a hardy native), their age and how cold it gets. Getting the right balance is key, as an uncomfortable horse might try to remove their rug which could injure your horse or damage the rug. It’s also essential to get the fit right. See our guide to measuring your horse for a rug here: http://www.olddairyblog.co.uk/how-do-i-measure-my-horse-for-a-rug/


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How Do I Measure My Horse for a Rug?

With any horse rug, getting the fit right is essential to ensuring the safety of your horse. A rug that doesn’t fit correctly can actually have an adverse impact on your horse; too tight and it will restrict movement and may cause chaffing, too big and it could get tangled in your horse’s legs and cause injury.
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