What Do I Need As A First Time Horse Owner?

1. Time and money


Owning a horse is a big commitment. Not only are horses are costly to own and look after, you also need plenty of time to be able to care for them properly. This will vary according to how your horse is kept and how much of the day to day care you do yourself. But at the very least, you’ll need to look into the following costs:

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Treat Your Children This Easter With These Eggcellent Gifts

All the adults had the limelight in our Christmas edition of the best gifts to buy your loved one, but this time, we thought we would let the children be showered in gifts. At Old Dairy Saddlery, we have used our magic to compile a list of horse riding accessories and gifts that children of all ages will love.

Whether it is a treat for persuading the little ones to get involved with the housework, they are new to horse riding and they need kitting out or simply to show you love them, there are plenty of gifts you will almost be stuck for choice.

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Choosing A Noseband For Your Horse



Where to start? The aim of a noseband is to help keep the horse’s mouth softly closed to allow for good communication by way of the bit. It can be confusing as there are quite a few different types of noseband available, so to keep things simple we take a brief look at the four most common here.

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Prepare your horse and stable equipment ready for Spring 2015

It may only seem like two minutes ago that winter arrived and you were throwing thick coats on your horse, and indeed, it may feel like there’s a long way to go! However, the nights are getting lighter and the days (ever so slightly) warmer – spring will be here before you know it.


20th March marks the first day of spring and way you will have to look after your horse will gradually alter as the season creeps in. There’s no harm in advanced planning, February is a short month after all, so here at Old Dairy Saddlery we’ll give you some hints and tips on how to care for your horse in the upcoming months.


We’ll tell you all you need to know so you can spring into action and the transition from winter runs nice and smoothly.
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Should You Wear a Body Protector When Horse Riding?

rodney powell adults body protector


What is a body protector?


A body protector is a foam filled vest worn over clothing, but under a jacket to give added protection whilst horse riding.

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How to Look Your Best During the Equestrian Eventing Season 2015 + Calendar!

Equestrian Eventing Season 2015

The 2015 Equestrian eventing season is fast approaching so now is the time to kick-start the preparations and get ready to perform at your best.


Once you reach competition level, the turnout of both you and your horse is deemed important.


Your presentation doesn’t prove how skilled you are at getting dressed each morning; instead it gives a good insight in to how thorough your daily care routine is.

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Top Five Christmas Gifts for the Horse Riding Man

For part two of our christmas gifts for horse lovers special, we have featured our top five presents that any man if your life would love under the christmas tree over this festive period.

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Top Five Gifts for Horse Loving Women This Christmas


Are you clueless about horse equipment? Are you tired of pondering over what to buy your horse-riding loved ones this Christmas? Well look no further because here at Old Dairy Saddlery we have you covered!

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Horse Rugs for Winter

28371099_sWhich rugs your horse needs for winter will depend on whether they are stabled or out, what kind of horse they are (for example a thoroughbred will need more than a hardy native), their age and how cold it gets. Getting the right balance is key, as an uncomfortable horse might try to remove their rug which could injure your horse or damage the rug. It’s also essential to get the fit right. See our guide to measuring your horse for a rug here: http://www.olddairyblog.co.uk/how-do-i-measure-my-horse-for-a-rug/


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Looking After Your Horse in Autumn

old_dairy_imgAs we head into autumn, it’s a good idea to start preparing for the cooler weather. Make sure your horse is in good health and that you have their rugs ready for when they need them. It’s also a good idea to get your yard and fields sorted, using the last of the warmer weather to get some maintenance and repair jobs done.


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