What Do I Need As A First Time Horse Owner?

1. Time and money


Owning a horse is a big commitment. Not only are horses are costly to own and look after, you also need plenty of time to be able to care for them properly. This will vary according to how your horse is kept and how much of the day to day care you do yourself. But at the very least, you’ll need to look into the following costs:

•Livery, stabling and grazing

•Vaccinations, worming treatments and routine veterinary appointments and treatments as well as veterinary care for unexpected medical needs


•Shoeing and hoof care


•Feed, hay and supplements

•Yard basics like buckets, feed bins, tools etc

•Any horse rugs that may be necessary


•Riding clothing and equipment


When it comes to time, how much you need will differ according to how much of the day to day care you plan to do yourself. With part or full livery, some or all of this can be done for you, at reasonable expense. However, you still need to have the time to spend with your horse and ride them a few times a week. If you intend to carry out most of the care yourself, you’ll probably need to go both morning and evening and you’ll need several hours a day to get everything done.





2. Essential Horse Equipment


Stable equipment:

• Feed and water buckets

• Hay Rack/Net

• Bedding

• Stable mats



• Saddle with leathers and stirrups

• Girth

• Saddle Pad

• Head collar and lead rope

• Bridle, reins and bit

• Rugs/blankets/sheets


Grooming kit basics:

• Body brush

• Mane and tail brush

• Hoof pick


First Aid Kit Essentials:

• Gauze Pads

• Bandages

• Scissors and tweezers

• Antibiotic cream/spray


3. Basic Horse Riding Clothing

• Riding Hat – Your most important item of clothing, vital for safety.

• Boots – With a heel and robust toe, there are several types available and you might need more than one type – long boots, jodhpur boots or paddock boots.

• Jodhpurs – Crucial for a comfortable ride.


4. Advice


If you’re thinking of buying a horse you’re probably an experienced rider and some of this stuff you’ll know already. But owning a horse for the first time is a huge undertaking.  It’s really helpful to have people around who are experienced owners and can offer help and advice.


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