Five Horse Products For Summer

As temperatures slowly begin to rise and the days have become longer, spring is well and truly here and summer is just around the corner. It’s a lovely time of year as a horse owner, the early starts are less painful and there are more hours in the day to get out and about on your horse. There’s a few things you might need though, we take a look at five products that could come in handy this summer….


1. Fly Sheets/Rugs

Some horses can get really bothered by flies and other bugs during the summer months. Fly rugs are a great way of offering protection, and there’s lots of options available, ranging from simple mesh sheets, shower proof versions and those also offering UV protection. One of our best sellers is the JHL Fly Combo Rug which gives great all over protection from flies.



2. Fly Mask 

In addition to a fly rug you might also want to consider a fly mask. There are a huge variety of styles with varying coverage from the whole face and ears to those just covering the eye area. As with the fly rugs, some are available with UV protection.





3. Fly Repellent for Horses 

There are several types of fly repellent available for horses, including fly sprays, fly cream, fly gel and fly wipes. These carry out an essential role in warding off flies and other insects. Individual preference will dictate which works best for you and your, but there are lots of options, check them out here.




4. Light Turnout Rug 

A lightweight turnout rug is a good thing to have if your horse is clipped or used to being stabled. With the unpredictable summer weather, a horse turned out might not always be warm enough, and a lightweight rug might just be the level of protection they need. You should get lots of use out of it, as it’s also ideal for adding that extra bit of protection in Spring and Autumn as well. You know your horse’s needs best, just keep an eye on the weather forecast too! One of our most popular lightweight turnout rugs is the Jumpers Horse Line Lightweight Plus Turnout.




5. Summer Horse Riding Clothing 

Then there’s your own clothing! We have a whole article on this, but in brief bear in mind that working on a yard and riding in the summer can get pretty hot. To help with this, there are helmets with vents, as well as horse riding clothing and gloves produced with breathable fabrics. It’s sensible to stick with jodhpurs to protect your legs, but consider cotton ones which will be cooler in warm weather. And if you need show attire, there are a variety of lightweight options for that too.