Don’t Be Left In The Dark! The Importance of Hi-Viz

So, we’ve reached that time of year again! Summer is well and truly over, the weather is becoming increasingly more miserable, the mornings are taking their time to lighten up and the nights are much darker, much earlier.


Many riders are often only able to ride at certain times of the day, usually early morning or evening, and with nights soon to be dark around 5pm, this poses a few problems when riding on the road.


You and your horse will become difficult to be seen by oncoming traffic as the months progress, particularly on quiet country lanes that have little to no street lighting, and bends in the road that minimise vision even on the clearest and brightest of days.


As much as we love to look stylish when horse riding, and as much as we strive to be perfectly colour co-ordinated from head-to-toe, is that little flash of fluorescent colour going to make much difference to your outfit? No. Could it save you and your horse’s life? YES.


Before you say, ‘I don’t need one…’ statistics show that a driver is likely to spot you three seconds earlier if you are wearing a Hi-Viz than if you weren’t, which makes a HUGE difference in reaction times when behind the wheel of a fast travelling vehicle.


This is all even more so important if you are riding with a child, you should never take that risk. Instead than thinking ‘oh but that won’t match my new riding jacket,’ start thinking about the safety of you and your horse and get those safety measures in place!


Old Dairy Saddlery stock a huge range of reflective wear that will personally think we look GREAT! There’s something suitable for even the fussiest of riders, take a look at some of our finest (and safest) items of Hi-Viz wear:


Reflective Wear For You





Stay warm as well as safe, with this Equisafety Aspey Winter Jacket, available in pink and yellow!













Cheap and cheerful is enough to save your life! These Lunarider Tabards are perfect for adults and children.











If you prefer, try something minimalist with our Equisafety Lightweight Body Harness, which can be yours in either pink or yellow.








Reflective Wear For Your Horse


My beautiful picture




To be extra noticeable on road, invest in one of these Equisafety Winter Wraparound Sheet. It comes in both pink or yellow and in a range of sizes.












These in-expensive Equisafety Leg Boots fit snug on all four of your horses legs, with the movement of the legs catching a drivers eye perfectly.









If you’re feeling extra creative, give this Reflective Spray a go!