Make sure you and your horse are ready for summer horse shows

As competition season gets into full swing, there’s a few things you can do to make sure you’re really well prepared for your next show. Here’s a few tips to help you get the best out of your horse and the event.


Making sure your horse is show ready

  • Horses can lose some fitness during the winter months, so work on building it up again to ensure they’re in peak condition for show season.
  • Get up to date on trimming and grooming, so your horse looks in great condition for show time. If your kit needs an update, we have loads of great products available ( to make certain your horse is looking their best.
  • Practise for specific events. Work on lengthening and shortening strides so that you can comfortably get the right distances between jumps on unfamiliar courses, and always practise on jumps slightly higher than at the event, so both you and your horse are confident on the day. Likewise for dressage, enter your horse into the level just below their capability at home so that they can comfortably perform at the show.

Preparation for the event

  • Make a list of everything both you and your horse will need. For overnight stays you’ll need to factor in bedding, grain and hay as well as all the usual tack and grooming equipment, buckets, first aid kit and show paperwork.
  • Don’t forget to get yourself ready too! It’s easy to focus on what your horse needs and forget about what you need. Make sure you don’t leave it too late when it comes to show attire – if last year’s is looking a bit shabby, invest in new; it’s important to create a polished impression. And not only should it look good, it also needs to fit well and be comfortable to wear. The new Mark Todd Italian Collection is a great option. Stylish, but practical, the fabrics are breathable and machine washable, like this lovely show jacket (


  • And when it comes to packing, it’s a good idea to take a spare set of show clothes, just in case there are any mishaps on the day!
  • The evening before the show, bathe your horse and braid them too, so you’re both ready to get going on the day of the event.

Obviously the best way to ensure your horse is at their best during show season is to look after them well throughout the year. Regular exercise, daily grooming and attention to their tail and mane as well as medical checks should keep them in tip top condition.

The Perfect Stocking Fillers For Horse Mad Kids

With Christmas fast approaching, the time has come to begin the hunt for gifts. And if you’ve got a horse mad child, we’ve got some great ideas for stocking fillers.


Check out these kids magic rainbow gloves. They have pimple palms, so they’re ideal for riding and they’re also great for keeping hands warm around the yard. And at only £1.99, they’re the perfect stocking filler.























Continuing on the rainbow theme, we have a lovely body brush in rainbow stripes (or other bright patterns if you prefer!). Ideal for kids just getting into looking after horses, or as a colourful addition to an established grooming kit.1379625325_t





















But if they’re in need of a fuller grooming kit, you could consider the Roma backpack grooming kit, containing a sponge, rubber curry comb, hoof pick, sweat scraper, mane and tail comb, body brush and a dandy brush. It comes in light blue, pink or purple, and at just £9.99 it definitely fits in the stocking filler category.1379622866_t






Also perfect for Christmas stockings is this water bottle, with a cute horse print. It can be attached to belts or bags, so it’s great for kids to keep water on them whatever they’re up to.







If your child’s horse riding wardrobe needs a bit of an update (or they’ve been badgering you for some pink jodhpurs!) you might want to consider these Saddlecraft Jiggy Jodhpurs. Only £18.99 and available in a range of fun bright colours, with sizes from 18” to 32”, they’re durable and thick – ideal for the winter months.Saddlecraft_Jiggy_Jodhpurs_Childrens








Lastly, at just under £20, these Jump childs jodhpur boots in black and pink are perfect for kids. They’re waterproof, easy to get on and off and can be worn for riding, around the yard and for general wear.




Tips for Winter Care

So it’s nothing new to us to hear that we become slightly lazier during winter. The cold air, the dark mornings, the even darker evenings, spending a lot of time outside just isn’t all that appealing.


However – similarly to having a child – there are many things you just have to do when looking after a horse to keep them fit and well, no matter how much you would love to stay in bed.


Throughout winter, there are certain mistakes you must make sure you avoid and also bear in mind that neglect is the worst thing that happens to our horses in winter.


Be Mindful of Ice


In order for your horse’s body to function correctly, he must be fully hydrated at all times. As temperatures decline, the water in the watering trough or bucket can end up covered by a thick layer of ice, making the water inaccessible to your horse. You want to try and maintain your horse’s water temperature at approximately 40 degrees F, which in the really cold months can be done with a heating device which are specifically made for waterers and troughs.


Increase Feeding


To help stay warm, your horse will burn more calories, which in some horses will result in significant weight loss. It would not be wise for me to suggest a suitable calorie intake for your horse during winter as each and every horse is different; therefore if you do not already, it is best to seek advice from your veterinarian. To achieve a healthy calorie intake for your horse, you may only need to increase your horses hay rations, or something equally as simple. If you know you won’t be visiting your horse as regularly, please make sure the hay is always easily accessible to your horse by using a hay net or this Canvas Hay Bag




















Review Your Winter Shelter Plans


Of course in extremely cold temperatures and heavy rain or snow, your horse will both benefit and appreciate some shelter. However, you will find your horse to be much healthier if left outdoors during winter, with an open run-in shed available for them should they wish to go inside. This run in shed will also prevent respiratory problems that may occur with an inadequately ventilated and heated barn. Your horse remaining outside will also encourage them to keep moving, meaning they keep in shape if you happen to become a tiny bit lazier with your training. If you’re concerned about the potentially minus temperatures, invest in a good horse rug, such as this Masta Quilted Lining with Neck Cover. 















Maintain Appropriate Hoof Care


Whether you are or are not riding your horse regularly throughout the winter months, you must be wary that your horse’s hooves will still grow. As well as the standard growth of the hooves, you must also spare a thought for the fact that during winter, your horse will be trotting on hard and frozen ground which can crack and break the feet. You must remove the shoes and have the hooves trimmed before you turn out the horse ready for winter, and make sure you trim the feet at regular intervals during winter time, approximately every six to eight weeks. If hooves start becoming dry and brittle due to the cold, try out this Gold Label Hoof Oil Moisturiser and this Gold Label Aluminium Hoof Hardener1355933378_t

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International Horse Show trots its way into Liverpool

For most, the New Year period is a brilliant time of year and people begin planning months in advance to be certain they begin the New Year with a bang. However, it can also be a bit of a stressful time. Do you stay in and relax with your partner and a takeaway? Do you go for a night on the tiles with your friends? Oh, but your aunt invited you to her house party too?! Decisions, decisions, so we’re hoping to make it easy for you this year!


For the first time, the brand new International Horse Show will grace the wonder that is the Echo Arena in Liverpool, on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of January 2016.

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Badminton Horse Trials


The Badminton Horse Trials is a jam packed four-day-event situated in Badminton Village in Gloucestershire, and it is one of the most acclaimed equestrian events around.


In excess of 150,000 exhilarated spectators swarm upon the village to witness the Mitsubishi Motor Badminton Horse Trials throughout the weekend.

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